Building the world in Miniature

Pottery Students at Ancaster Day Centre spent the spring term exploring the world of buildings and architecture in miniature.

fairy houses made by students at Ancaster Day Centre

Tutor Jane encouraged students to think about how houses and other buildings are constructed and what materials were used in their construction.

Throughout the course students tackled a diverse range of design challenges with one student successfully attempting a large church!

A bungalow, a cottage, a romantic ruin, a Tudor dwelling,  pyramids and fairy houses were some of the buildings which were also created.

houses 2

Each item was carefully planned and selected by the student and then constructed with support and advice from the tutor.

houses 3

The course is aimed primarily at adults with disabilities at Ancaster Day Centre Lincoln.

The WEA offer a range of art and design courses throughput Lincolnshire. For more information please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472 or search for courses by clicking:


pyramid plaque

One student looked at pyramids for his design . Two dimentional pyramids were cut out of clay, decorated with textures and glazed then stuck to a background along with a clay depiction of an Egyptian fan.


One thought on “Building the world in Miniature

  1. Wow this looks fab. Well done you.

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