Mental Health Awareness Week 16-20 May 2016

mhaThis week sees a nationwide focus on mental health issues and the stigmas and challenges faced by people who suffer with mental health issues on  a daily basis.

The WEA feel they make a positive contribution towards helping their students with mental health issues and recently commented:

“Our impact data shows that adult education can make an enormous difference to those suffering from mental health issues. It can increase self-confidence and self-worth, help people develop the skills to cope with depression and anxiety, and open doors into the workplace. Adult education also increases the ability of individuals to understand and make use of healthcare messages, thus reducing their need for primary or emergency care services.”  ( )

We certainly notice the many positive comments made on ‘tell us about it’ forms our students submit to us about the difference the classes make to their lives.

Social interaction, a reason to get out the house, or even a reason to  just to get out of bed in the morning are some examples our students have given over the years.

happy mh

wanting to make friends is a reason many people join a course

A WEA course can make all the difference by adding structure to someone’s week, a reason to have a conversation with someone new, make new friends or maybe a chance to talk  about something really important to you in a safe and supportive environment.

Here in the office we are doing something we want you to get involved with to-we collect any used postage stamps which are sold to raise funds for Mental Health Support. If you feel you can help collect these – GREAT! we want them and they can be forwarded via your WEA tutor who will give them to the course organisers, or direct to the Lincoln Office at:

WEA, Room 14, Greetwell Place, Limekiln Way, Greetwell Road, Lincoln LN2 4USuk-stamps-6944497

For Further Information on WEA courses in Lincolnshire: (new brochure out mid July for  the new academic year 2016- 2017)

We would love to hear from you about ways you feel that your course has benefitted you, your mental health or any suggestions in the comments section.

calm 2

For further information on mental health: – for information on all aspects of mental health, help and support – for information on mindfulness techniques to benefit mental health – a Lincolnshire specific service which supports and promotes mental health by offering text message reminders regarding medication and support.





















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