Garden donations old and new….


Since our appeal for more donations for our gardening course things have been coming into our Lincoln office from far and wide… a few weeks ago Joanna took in donation of a few interesting items…trowe

These were kindly donated by a lady whose father had owned them and she had inherited them. Having seen our appeal she wanted to know they were being used for a good cause as she felt he would be happy to know they were being used again.

Amusingly these items have been temporary housed in Lincoln HQ at Limekiln Way, sitting snugly next to the office staff as they work away on producing the new brochure for autumn, so I can assure any nervous visitors to the offices that they have been removed to the safe storage of our shed!

Your blogger also remembers Mr Lincolnweablogger returning from a trip to the recycling centre (once called the ‘tip’ in the olden days! ) with a huge antique scythe… quite how we managed to lose or use this item in subsequent house moves is a mystery to me! Should it ever turn up again, I think it would be more at home in the Lincolnshire Life Museum on Burton Road, Lincoln which houses a huge collection of social history items including agricultural and gardening tools, than being donated to the WEA. Well worth a visit if you get a chance!









One of the advantages of using older tools is they are often better made, from stronger materials than today’s mass produced ones. And can you imagine the stories they could tell… if they could?

dig hole

They were so gratefully received by us, as are all the garden donations… old, new and recycled…so thank you to everyone who has donated items to us so far. They really are appreciated and will be well used.PakenhamHarvestPhoto_670x400

Lincolnshire Life Museum –  for opening times and further details.




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