Our plans for The Wong

wong3   wong4 Wong 1

We began 2016 with a plan to offer a course for service users at The Wong Lincoln.

Within this course students learn about gardening, growing, recycling and sustainability as well as working to transform the courtyard space at the venue (see above). Maths and literacy skills are also embedded into the course  and we also hope that students will contribute pictures and blog posts to this page.

Exciting times for all involved

These are the wide aims of the course:

  • To provide exciting learning experiences  to service users of The Wong by offering a practical gardening course.
  • To embed Maths and literacy skills into the course
  • Use skills developed during  the course to plan and enhance  the outside yard area at the centre for the enjoyment of all who use the centre.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of the students by provision of the course.
  • To encourage students’ involvement in digital and social media by contributions to a page on the WEA Lincoln blog.

Gd1 The course began in January and is covering the following topics:

  • Plant identification of a selection of locally available/grown plants
  • Sowing and growing a range of flowers and vegetables
  • Recycling
  • Garden design and planning

As well as class based and practical activities; the course includes a great deal of discussion and debate about garden related topics.

As you can see from the pictures this space really needs a make-over – we need gardening resources to accomplish this. We’ll gratefully receive pre-loved gardening tools, unused grow bags, new compost, seeds, plants, timber for raised beds, fence paint and trellis.

Also, we’d be over the moon if someone would come along and pressure wash the area for us.



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